The Greek Pirate Party

Μετάβαση στην πλοήγηση Πήδηση στην αναζήτηση

The Pirate Party of Greece was founded on January 14th, 2012 and officially recognized by the Supreme Court of Greece on February 10th, 2012. The PPGR is part of the international movement of pirate parties and is an ordinary member of the Pirate Parties International. It campaigns for

  • The protection of privacy and civil liberties from interference by the state and private companies.
  • Transparency in public administration.
  • The reform of copyright law, particularly the reduction of the duration of copyright protections and the exemption of non-commercial activity from copyright regulation.
  • Changes to the European patent legislation, which as it stands leads to expensive drugs, human losses and unjust exploitation.

At the same time, the Pirate Parties of each country focus on issues particularly relevant to their own countries, within the framework of core values ​​such as:

  • Digital, participatory, and direct democracy.
  • The strengthening of the separation of powers.
  • Respect of privacy.
  • The elimination of private monopolies.
  • Extensive use of Open Standards and Open Source Software.
  • Free access to Knowledge and Culture.
  • The Protection of whistle blowers, journalists and bloggers, when they disclose wrongdoing.
  • Human Liberty and Dignity.
  • Informational self-determination, participation in Digital Life, and Digital Literacy.
  • The right to a secure existence.
  • A Free and Democratically Controlled Technical Infrastructure.



phone: 0030 210 3317900

fax: 0030 211 760 7034

Headquarters: Vasilikis 6 & Libona (1st floor), Αthens, 10560